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MOTIONGATE Dubai, a full family fun a Theme Park

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Posted on: 10/27/17

DUBAI - It is partially of one of three major theme parks to opening this year, and the finishing touches at Motiongate Dubai for its December gap are all however done.


The park is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, the Dh13.2 project at Jebel Ali.

The huge blue box, 5 themed lands based on DreamWorks Animation films such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, stand out from afar on the Dubai to Abu Dhabi motorway.


The 45,000 square metre indoor DreamWorks space is big enough to fit in five Airbus A380s.


Within the Madagascar-themed area, brightly-painted carousels are in place, the ultimate checks are being made to its two rollercoasters, the theatre backdrops are being rolled out in the Kung Fu Panda land and therefore the longest ride of the park, Shrek's Merry Fairy Tale Journey, is ready and waiting.

The ride lasts additional than seven minutes and tells the tale of Shrek and Fiona's love story, with a twist.

Dragon Gliders, in How To Train Your Dragon land, is one amongst the most anticipated rollercoasters, a suspended ride set to supply some of DreamWorks guests the most thrills.

Shrek's Candy Apple Restaurant stands out at the centre of its swamp-vogue zone, replicating the comical character's home.

In DreamWorks alone, there are 12 rides, among the 27 total in Motiongate Dubai park, which can also feature multiple daily shows primarily based on the movie Step Up, with a cast of dancers recruited from around the globe.

Although DreamWorks is the sole all-indoors area of the park, all alternative attractions have air-conditioned walkways and queuing systems, which general manager John Hallenbeck said can make the park an attraction “for the bulk of the year”.

Chief technical officer Matthew Priddy, who like Mr Hallenbeck has decades of experience in theme parks, said DreamWorks is “a mini theme park among a theme park”.

As the person who oversees details from lighting to ride technology, he is making certain all the 'I's are dotted and therefore the 'T's are crossed.


“We have an amazing quantity of media here and it's all being done by the prime Hollywood people; all multimedia content in DreamWorks is done by the DreamWorks animators themselves,” he said. “The visuals and audio can be awesome.”

Excited principally for the Madagascar roller coaster - Madagascar Mad Pursuit - he said it is the “most thrilling ride”, using flywheel technology whereby the speed will increase in simply seconds, reaching 95 kilometres per hour.

“When it's time to launch, you simply get whipped out of the station and into a tight flip,” he said.

Health and safety on site for the 14,000 or therefore workers is paramount, each during construction and because the park opens. “At just one occasion, we had one hundred fifty million man hours in 24 months with perhaps two lost time incidents,”

In spite of in the week's accident in Australia where four people died at a water park, the impact can not be felt by those attending the parks..

After such events, he said there is an “awareness however it's not a place-off” for patrons. “In our trade we tend to hold safety sacred,” he said. “The time and energy put into health and safety is paramount.

“Even because the park matures, those operating its rides will should renew their safety certifications annually, something not necessary but a procedure the parks wish to implement to confirm ongoing safety, in addition to the annual checks on ride vehicles and general web site safety.

“We have a tendency to're going on top of and beyond and not taking any possibilities.”

Set among an space that will additionally be home to Legoland Dubai and a Bollywood theme park, Motiongate Dubai's five zones can also involve movies as well as Ghostbusters and the Smurfs.


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