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IMG Worlds of Adventure - Is it worth the Trip

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Posted on: 11/03/17

Anyone that is spent a truthful quantity of your time in the UAE will testify just how rapidly things amendment over here - from year to year huge building comes rise from the sand, changing the skyline for the umpteenth time.

There is one kind of project that gets us very excited though and that's the creation of a brand new theme park!  For the past year we waited patiently for IMG Worlds of Journey, the biggest indoor theme park in the world to open it's doors - their original gap date came and went and still we have a tendency to waited.

We tend to finally created it along to the park (that has now been open for roughly 2 months) to have a go at answering the question on each coaster enthusiast's lips - is it worth spending your hard earned money on?

The answer isn't a straightforward one - as much as we have a tendency to would like to reply with a powerful 'yes!' we cannot (however you would possibly).

Read on for our IMG Worlds of Adventure review…

What We Liked


Though a park isn't designed on theming alone, IMG Worlds of Adventure did a great job of planning and creating an immersive environment.  Every of the four zones are unique and replicate their brief well - from animatronic dinosaurs to rainbow unicorns; you know specifically which half of the park you're in.  The rides themselves clearly match the zone they're in and also the theming in every line matches well and holds your interest while you wait (for the primary little while anyway - there's solely so long somebody desires to attend in line, well themed or not).


All of our interactions and observations of staff were high-notch.  They were friendly, professional and obviously had safety of guests at the forefront.  Yes, reviews online have said that loading times are a bit on the slow facet compared to more established parks that we did realize to be the case but as long as this improves through training and expertise, we tend to'd rather wait a little bit longer for our ride than run the chance of not being locked in properly.


Though we did not stop for a bite to eat there was a great selection of food on provide - a vary of restaurants, snacks and drinks were spread evenly throughout the park, creating it easy to refuel mid-visit.

Some of the Rides

The Velociraptor is thus good it'd have been price the admission value alone - if solely we tend to made it our first priority rather than last!  This coaster shoots riders out into the desert where you go through a series of loops, airtime hills and stomach-churning rolls - the stuff of dreams!

The Relatively Good Rides

Though the Velociraptor was so smart it seems a little unfair to compare others to it, we tend to can.  The other rides price checking out (in our opinion - especially if they need short lines) were

  • Lost Valley: Predator. A small indoor coaster with a vertical elevate hill and a practically vertical drop on the opposite side.  Similar to Saw at Thorpe Park within the UK.
  • Marvel: Hulk Epsilon Base 3D. A flat-platform-circular motion master ride - great power on the spins.
  • Marvel: Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge. A rollercoaster that spins riders independently of the tracks through a large dark housing.  Nice for pre-teens and teens keen to require their coaster riding to the next level.
  • Marvel: Thor Thunder Spin. Headache inducing fun - this ride spins guests around (a very little a lot of than I would really like) and leaves you hanging out of your seat on masses of occasions.

IMG is the planet's 1st largest temperature controlled indoor themed leisure destination. It guarantees each visitor a whole new world of journey with characters from MARVEL, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard. Sprawling over 1.5 million square feet, this mega-entertainment park will welcome over 20,000 guests in a very day. It showcases a distinctive array of electrifying rollercoasters, rides and themed attractions starting from MARVEL superheroes and Lost Valley Dinosaurs, to Cartoon Network characters and an exclusive retail zone. It additionally features exquisite dining venues, and a 12-screen state-of-the-art 5D cinema, making it the final exciting adventure land,  you may explore IMG Worlds Of Adventure and book your tickets, enjoy at IMG world Dubai.


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