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What You Should Know About a Dubai Visa Services
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Getting a Dubai Visa

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Posted on: 08/16/17

To work within the Dubai you must have a sponsor. This will be somebody already living there or an employer who will sponsor you for admittance thus you'll be able to take up a job.

There are totally different kids of visa for various kinds of labor and lengths of stay and therefore the one you need can be decided on the idea of range of things that are taken account like whether you're coming to figure or for a holiday, the country you're coming from.


If you are already a citizen of 1 of the countries in the Gulf Cooperative Council then you do not actually want a visa - merely your passport (those countries are Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates and Oman).


Otherwise you'll receive your visa on arrival at the airport.


If you are a citizen of an Arab Gulf Country Council (however not one of the GCC countries) and belong to an inventory of certain skilled occupations then you will be allowed a 30 day visa. These occupations have a tendency to be the professions - doctors, accountants, engineers and public sector workers.


If you belong to 1 of the countries on an approved list then you can get a free single visit visa - however verify with a UAE embassy before travelling.

If you don't qualify for a visa underneath any of these additional-or-less automatic critera, then you must apply for a visa through a sponsor. The sponsor must kind out all of the paperwork on your behalf:

A sponsor in the Hotel and Tourist Industry will apply for a 14 day Service Visa, a thirty day Tourist Visa or a thirty day Visit Visa that will be extended for an additional thirty days at a later.

Airlines can apply for a four day Transit Visa for airline employees.

Alternative sectors inside the Dubai Visa services will only get to obtain Visit Visa's and Service Visas however not Tourist Visas.

If you have an acquaintance on relative already living the UAE then they will apply for a visa on your behalf as a sponsor.

If these rules sound fairly straightforward that is as a result of, in most cases they're. However visitors from countries together with Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Niger have additional limitations. It's invariably suggested that you simply talk over with The Naturalization and Residency Administration of the Ministry of the Interior for the region of Dubai to urge proper, up-to-date info.


If you're coming to the region to figure and your employed is checking out the visa on your behalf there some things to be aware of.


The sponsoring company handles all paperwork needed for your visa application, and employment visas only last an initial 30 days (though they can be extended).

You'll be able to't leave the sponsoring company without their permission

During your initial thirty day visa, you need to apply for a residency visa. These are normally valid for 3 years and while not one you won't be ready services such as bank accounts and phone numbers etc.

There is additionally a medical test

Your prospective employer ought to be able to clarify all out there choices to you. Please, note that although we are making an attempt to update this information as quick as attainable it's continuously advisable to check latest changes at the Visa Section of the UAE Embassy of the country where you currently reside. You will contact us for Dubai visa Services.


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