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Enjoy the Thrills and Spills of Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi

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Posted on: 08/09/17

If you're looking for a vacation that encompasses an exciting country, a varied culture and the world's latest high-octane theme park, then you must search for Abu Dhabi flights.

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is home to Ferrari World - the first theme park to be created by the famous automaker.

With its impressive vary of rides and activities, you're positive to relish a visit to the attraction during any stay in the city.

Once you've got had time to recharge your batteries after taking cheap flights to Abu Dhabi, you ought to certainly make Ferrari World one of your first ports of call.

It opened on October twenty seventh in 2010 that means that if you book your flights soon, you may be among the primary people to expertise all that the theme park has to offer.

And whether or not you're travelling with friends, a partner or the full family, you may notice that there's something to stay everyone happy.

Ferrari World could be a great place for kids to be told all concerning driving, with two junior driving colleges and a training camp to place them through their paces on the track.

They can be shown an instructional video before getting behind the wheel and our highly trained instructors can be available to teach them the way to handle their miniature versions of Ferrari cars.

While the kids are getting to grips with the racetrack, you'll be able to go looking for some thrills of your own.

Ferrari World Theme Park Tour is home to the globe's fastest rollercoaster - the Formula Rossa. Get ready to be strapped into a reproduction Ferrari F1 automotive and feel the speed which will be experienced by drivers on the track.

With a course that runs for 2.07km, you'll find out what it's prefer to accelerate from 0 to 240km/h in just 4.9 seconds.

Further as the speed, you may additionally experience a number of the chicanes and corners from the planet's best racetracks, as the design of the ride took inspiration from existing locations the world.

If you want to warm up for Fomula Rossa by collaborating during a race, then our Fiorano GT Challenge ride may be for you.

2 competing GT coasters on parallel tracks will race each other along twists and turns at speeds of up to 95km/h.


You'll even find that you are in the winning team as your car crosses the finishing line of the 1080m-long track.

Or for one thing a little more sedate, you may need to find out additional concerning the inner workings of a V12 engine on the ride of the identical name.

This flume can take you on a journey past the cylinders, pistons and inner chambers of the engine, before spitting you out through the exhaust pipe.

Another attraction that promises to take things at a slower pace is Bell'Italia. Taking you back to Ferrari's Italian roots, this ride can take you on tour of mini Italy, supplying you with the chance to work out replicas of locations like Portofino, the Monza racetrack and the Coliseum in Rome.

While there, you will have the selection of exploring on foot or during a miniature 250 California Spider from the 1950s.

If you are additional interested in the history of the automaker itself, instead of its country of origin, then you'll notice that the multimedia Racing Legends attraction is the best approach to pay your afternoon.

You can realize out additional concerning the history of Ferrari, as well as seeing a number of its most famous models in action during this interactive ride.

If, like most of the world, you associate the name Ferrari with high-category and quality, then you would possibly need to make a stop at the shop in the theme park.

Here you'll realize Ferrari merchandise recent and new, allowing you to select out the perfect memento of your action-packed day or find a memento for friends or family back at home.

There's so abundant to work out and do at Ferrari World that you're certain to need to spend a complete day at the park - however you'll need somewhere you'll be able to recharge along the means.


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